Daniele Fornasier

AI & MV Business Unit Manager, beanTech

Daniele Fornasier holds a Master’s degree in Computer Science, graduating summa cum laude at University of Padua in 2004.

Throughout his 20 years of professional career, Daniele spearheaded the development and deployment of innovative automation solutions, primarily leveraging Machine Vision and Machine Learning techniques, across a range of industrial environments, including Metals, Wood, Plastics, and Home Appliances.

He is currently the AI & MV Business Unit Manager at beanTech, focusing on AI based solutions for industrial advanced automation.


Pervasive AI for manufacturing: from advanced automation applications to intelligent ecosystem monitoring


This presentation aims to envision the future scenario for Pervasive AI, introducing innovative key factors to extend the possibilities for boosting application performances in manufacturing industry scenarios and leading to a complete intelligent digital ecosystem.


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