Jung-Woo Ha


– BS (2004. 2): Computer Science, Seoul National University
– PhD (2015. 2): Computer Science, Seoul National University (Outstanding PhD dissertation award)


– 2015 ~ 2016: Tech Lead, NAVER LABS
– 2017 ~ 2020: Research Head, Clova AI, NAVER Corp.
– 2020 ~ : Head, NAVER AI Lab & Clova Research, NAVER Corp.
– 2021 ~ : Co-Director, SNU(Seoul National University)-NAVER Hyperscale AI Center
– 2021 ~ : Co-Director, KAIST-NAVER Hypercreative AI Center


Recent Research Trends on Large-scale AI and Tech Company-centric R&D Ecosystem


Beyond a technology, AI is considered as a paradigm that innovates society and is melting into daily lives of humans, which is caused by remarkable advancement of AI by the progress of deep learning research.

Nowadays, the main trend is to benefit from scaling up of deep neural networks models by leveraging the large-scale model sizes and training data using self-supervised learning methods.

In this lecture, I will briefly introduce the recent AI research on large-scale deep learning in diverse domains such as computer vision, NLP, speech, and so on, and share some detailed technical issues of this large-scale learning.

Then, I will introduce recent AI research works in NAVER and their real-world applications that provide various values to users with some demonstration.

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