Federico Cussigh

COO and Head of Strategic Development and AI, R-Tree

Highly skilled and respected executive with 20+ years of multifaceted and progressively responsible expertise in business and management consulting, information and communications technology, artificial intelligence & cognitive solutions and forensic accounting analysis. Strong business and technical acumen with background in controlling, business process reorganization, project management, and software solution architecture. Collaborative communicator and proven entrepreneur, able to conceptualize, develop, and implement innovative and strategic solutions to solve complex business challenges. TEDx Speaker and keynote speaker in various conferences and events on the AI world.



Generative AI & Knowledge management


The workshop is divided into two segments: one focused on theoretical content and the other on practical application.

The theoretical content segment of the workshop will cover:

·      techniques of Vectorization and chunking

·      RAG technology based on OpenAI models

·      the concept of Knowledge Graphs in relation to vectorization

The practical application segment of the workshop will involve the presentation of two use cases in the HR and CRM fields. The use of an Insight Engine (a Knowledge Management platform) is planned, which will allow participants to test the use of some autonomous agents based on Generative AI concerning the two indicated cases.

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