Marco Pavan

Data Scientist and Software Engineer, Datamantix

A data scientist and software engineer with expertise in Natural Language Processing and user modeling, Marco is the founder of two ICT startups.
Information Retrieval and Network Science for developing algorithms for user profiling and clustering have always been areas of great interest to him.
With a PhD, a master’s degree, and a bachelor’s degree obtained from the University of Udine, Marco embarked on an international research experience, working at the Department of Information Sciences at the Georg-Eckert-Institut in Germany, and at Astrazeneca in the United Kingdom, tackling research problems in the biomedical field.
He further delved into these topics by completing one post-doctoral positions at the Department of Neuroscience, Imaging, and Clinical Sciences at the University of Chieti.

Real-World Applications of Deep Learning and Machine Learning in Industry and Medicine

In this workshop, we delve into a solid use of Deep Learning (DL) and Machine Learning (ML) by presenting real-world applications that impact the industrial and medical fields. Participants will explore cutting-edge solutions to complex problems, showcasing the practical implementation of DL and ML technologies, with powerful Insights.
In the industrial sector we will illustrate how it is possible to tackle a problem with strong constraints caused by factory settings and existing machinery.The medical field segment will focus on how a combination of different experiments, techniques and DL/ML approaches lead to achieve the goal.
By bridging theory with practice, this workshop aims to equip attendees with actionable knowledge and inspire innovation.

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