Student Registration

Ph.D students, researchers and scholars will have the opportunity to meet peers from other universities and share studies, experiences and point of view. Participant will come into contact with CEOs, CFOs, and industry practitioners from the most important companies based in Friuli Venezia Giulia which operate in global markets.


During registration you can submit the documents needed for the scholarship application (i.e. CV and White Paper), which will be evaluated by a scientific committee from the University of Udine. Pre-payment of the fee is required: please note that you will only be eligible for the scholarship if you send us the proof of payment within 7 days after you applied. If you do not send any proof of payment on time, you will be automatically excluded from AI-DLDA.

If you are selected for the scholarship you will be refunded for the fee, as well as for accomodation and travel expenses up to 250 €.

APPLICATIONS DEADLINE (if you request the scholarship): TBC *

*Default timezone is CEST(Rome – UTC/GMT + 2 hours)

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